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Welcome to Houston Biological Dentistry

Welcome to our practice where we are Enhancing Health through Natural Dentistry. Natural Dentistry supports the body and the mind by finding the cause of dental problems. The dental examination includes noticing systemic and habitual influences. Setting the stage for the body to heal itself includes removing infection and toxins, correcting structure, and providing the best dental materials for you which will promote an outstanding environment for your overall health.

Education is one of my highest values. After graduating from Pasadena High School, I received my BS in Biology-Chemistry(minor in English), then my MS in Chemistry and was almost finished with my doctorate in Science Ed when I realized that my mission was in the health field and I enrolled in the University of Texas Dental School and graduated in 1979.

In the 1990’s I was privileged to have been trained by the late Dr Hal Huggins, who guided me through my first Cavitation Surgery. In July 2003, he visited my practice in Houston to conduct private training for me and my team, and certified me as a Huggins Alliance Dentist.

I have dedicated my heart and soul to the health and overall wellness of each and every patient that enters our office.

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Dr Hal Huggins training in July 2003

Dr. Hal Huggins training - 1
Dr. Hal Huggins training - 2
Dr. Hal Huggins training - 3

Houston, TX dentist takes Biological care to the next level

Your mouth has tremendous influence over quality of life. Its condition affects appearance, self-esteem, comfort, enjoyment, and whole-body wellness. With a deep understanding of these relationships, Dr. Marilyn Jones administers dental care that goes far beyond services you might imagine from a biological dentist. As a true biological dentist, Dr. Jones brings together the healthiest concepts of conventional dentistry, natural ayurvedic disciplines, nutrition, and leading-edge dental technologies. Personalized attention at Houston Biological Dentist promotes a level of wellness that has patients across Houston, TX and far beyond smiling with good health.

What sets this biologic dentist in Houston, TX apart?

Houston Biological Dentist takes extra precautions to ensure a protective environment while you are in our care:

  • Autoclave sterilization of instruments with pressurized steam.
  • Sterilization of surfaces in the office with ozonated water, a natural method rather than using harsh chemicals.
  • Closed water system for handpieces and irrigation syringes. No "city water" from public systems goes into the mouths of patients.
  • Progressive diagnostics with low radiation digital x-rays and 3D cone beam imaging.
  • CariVu and DIAGNOdent instruments for early detection of dental caries, catching tooth decay before it is visible to the human eye.
  • CEREC technology for porcelain restorations precisely fabricated while you wait.
  • Special equipment and strict protective protocols for safe removal of amalgam.
  • The preventive and restorative services you need for a healthy mouth, and aesthetic treatments that bring your smile to life.

Dr. Jones utilizes the safest available materials and scientific, evidence-based techniques to deliver modern dentistry. The practice does not use amalgam (which contains mercury), fluoride, or BPA, and avoids root canal therapy, which can lead to future health complications.

Hi-tech meets personal touch

The latest technologies and a natural approach makes sense to a growing number of health-savvy individuals. Yet, at Houston Biological Dentist, there is an important third component to the equation of ideal dental care – compassion. Dr. Jones is a good listener. Patients are not rushed, but rather encouraged to talk about their concerns. With this open, two-way communication, Dr. Jones provides personalized dental plans.

Houston Biological Dentist welcomes new patients. Call for an appointment.

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