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Learn about periodontal services provided by Houston, TX area dentist, including the Gum Drop Technique

If you are a patient in the area of Houston, TX and have been diagnosed with a severe stage of periodontal disease, a trained dental professional can assist you with reversing the damage that may have been caused by the disease. For most patients with gum disease, receding gums are a serious issue. The first step is to treat the underlying disease, but after the periodontal disease has been managed, it is important for patients to restore their receding gums to their natural appearance for both aesthetics and function. Minimally invasive gum recession treatments such as the “gum drop technique” are available at Houston Biological Dentist from our dedicated dentist, Dr. Marilyn Jones.

What is the gum drop technique?

The gum drop technique is a biologically enhanced soft-tissue procedure that was developed by Delia Tuttle, DDS in California as a way to restore the gums over the natural tooth roots after gum recession has occurred. This particular technique offers patients both cosmetic and restorative improvement of their smile by bringing receded gums back into their proper place on the tooth. This is important because the gums help protect the natural tooth while ensuring a beautiful smile with a properly aligned gum line.

Dr. Marilyn Jones of Houston Biological Dentist encourages patients to consider the gum drop technique following periodontal disease services, as it helps to:

  • Promote more healthy bone
  • Develop thicker gums
  • Protect the natural teeth and their roots

The gum drop technique involves creating minimally invasive incisions and working with the patient’s own blood derivatives to cover the exposed tooth roots with existing gum tissue and expedite healing. The procedure can be done even after periodontal disease has caused damage to the bone, gums, and teeth.

Gum Drop Technique Houston, TX

Patients are encouraged to consult with Dr. Jones to determine if they are a good candidate for the treatment, find out more about what it involves, and learn about other periodontal services available to bring their smile back to health and restore their confidence in their appearance.

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Interested in speaking with our team about ways of restoring receding gums following severe periodontal disease? Avoid gum recession surgery pain with this minimally invasive procedure. Connect with us today by calling (713) 497-1355 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marilyn Jones. We are conveniently located at 800 Bering Drive, Suite 204 in Houston, TX and welcome new patients into our practice for comprehensive, holistic dental care!

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Dr. Marilyn Jones - Houston Biological Dentist

A graduate from the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Jones holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Houston. She is a passionate, skilled, and talented dental surgeon with a drive for excellence.

While previously being a tenured Assistant Professor of chemistry & an Assistant Professor of integrative dentistry, Dr. Jones continues to educate and update herself on the modern approaches and practices of dentistry and related advances in healthcare to ensure that she delivers the best possible care and service to her patients.