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Houston, TX dentist helps nervous patients get the care they need with oral sedation

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? It’s okay – dental anxiety is a real condition. It impacts the oral health, appearance, and overall wellness of countless people in the Houston, TX area – men and women. Dr. Marilyn Jones helps these individuals get the care they need with oral sedation at Houston Biological Dentist.

How sedation fits the biological dental care philosophy

As a biological dentist, Dr. Jones recognizes that all aspects of the patient, including emotional state, play important roles in wellness. Anxiety alone takes a toll on health, and when dental treatment is the trigger, negative impact is compounded. Just knowing they have the option of oral sedation helps many people feel more confident in scheduling care.

Oral sedation is a Valium-type pill taken before your dental appointment, to calm anxiety centers in the brain. You remain conscious (though some people become so relaxed they doze in the chair), but unconcerned about clinical sounds, sights, and sensations around you. There is some grogginess as the effect wears off, so you will need a ride to and from the office.

Overcome dental anxiety with oral sedation in Houston, TX

Here are some of the additional benefits of sedation dentistry:

  • Your body relaxes, too. Since you are not unconsciously “fighting” the dentist, treatment is done more efficiently.
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  • There is less trauma to mouth tissues, so you heal faster.
  • You are not likely to have a stiff back, neck, or jaw after treatment.
  • Someone stays with you, continually monitoring your wellbeing. Because you are conscious, you can communicate with the dental team.
  • Treatment time seems to pass quickly.
  • The medication has an amnesic effect – you probably won’t remember much about your appointment.
  • It is not just for nervous patients. Sedation allows an extensive procedure or multiple services to be completed in one visit. It can also be a desirable choice if you have a sensitive gag reflex, or emotional or physical condition that makes it difficult to sit still.

Isn’t it time to get your oral health back on track?

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Dr. Marilyn Jones - Houston Biological Dentist

A graduate from the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Jones holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Houston. She is a passionate, skilled, and talented dental surgeon with a drive for excellence.

While previously being a tenured Assistant Professor of chemistry & an Assistant Professor of integrative dentistry, Dr. Jones continues to educate and update herself on the modern approaches and practices of dentistry and related advances in healthcare to ensure that she delivers the best possible care and service to her patients.