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Dr. Marilyn Jones welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about the concept of biological dentistry. Her team is happy to provide a tour of the office in Houston, TX showing attention to every detail of clinical sterility and infection control. You can take a look at contemporary technologies and instrumentation throughout the practice. Yet ultimately, it is patient satisfaction that makes all the difference. Consumer reviews tell the real story about the dentist, team, and experience at Houston Biological Dentist.

Do reviews matter? Houston, TX dentist explains

Reviews reflect how patients feel about the treatment they received. Because individuals are free to mention any aspect of the experience – quality of the facility to amenities, front desk staff, handling of billing, comfort in the chair, doctor’s chairside manner, and outcome – you get a true picture of our team’s commitment to patient satisfaction.

We encourage patients to leave reviews because we stand behind our care. You are assured that comments you see here are genuine and valid, from actual patients of Houston Biological Dentist.

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  • Jana M.
    Jana M.

    Wow! I cannot explain how truly grateful I am to have found Dr. Jones. I was referred to her practice from a friend, and to say the least it was a very pleasant experience. Like most people, I have always been nervous about going to the dentist, but Dr. Jones put all my fears at ease. She was gentile, thorough and listened to all of my questions and concerns. Her staff was so welcoming and I cannot wait to return with the rest of my family.

  • Yvette W.
    Yvette W.

    Just like most people I hate going to the dentist but Dr. Jones office was very professional and polite; they made my experience very pleasant. When I asked a lot of questions they took the time to explain things to me or elaborate their answers. I would definitely recommend making your next dentist appointment here if you want to be sure you have a seamless and stress free experience!

  • Marina O.
    Marina O.

    In general, I have a strong dislike for the dentist. I have very sensitive teeth and continually find that dentists do not listen to me as I explain this.I really appreciate how Marilyn is willing to listen to you and really takes into account what you say. It means a lot for a dentist to take the time to do that and actually follow through with what they say that they are going to do. This was the best experience that I’ve had with a dentist, and I will definitely be going back!

  • Mika G.
    Mika G.

    First time here and I have to say I was really impressed. The location of the office is great and easy to find and the staff here are very professional. I found Dr. Jones when I started my search for a dentist in the area and I’m glad I did. I don’t know about the other services she provides but speaking for myself I can say I think she has routine dental and patient care down pat, I just might make this my permanent dentist office.

  • Neelay K.
    Neelay K.

    My regular dentist failed to make my appointment so I came into this dental office as a walk-in and surprisingly was seen within minutes. It was just a routine check-up but they found a minor cavity on my back molar. Fortunately, I have set up a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jones instead of my regular dentist. I was really impressed by the staff and the professionalism. I received literature about gum health and when I called back an hour later with more questions, all were answered immediately. The location is perfect so I’m happy to have stumbled upon it, definitely going to refer my friends!

  • Bridget W.
    Bridget W.

    It’s that time again… dental cleanings, physical exams, and all other fun stuff that you never really have the time to do, but know it has to be done. I am a person that hates going to medical appointments of any kind and not because of fear or pain, but because it seems that many offices have poor time management, and “aint nobody got time for dat”.
    I arrived about ten minutes before my appointment time, but since it was near the end of the work day, I was sure I would be waiting forever. To my great delight, I had barely completed my enrollment paperwork when I was escorted to the back by a friendly dental assistant that asked about my day and chatted about hers; she did a good job at helping me relax. The rest of the appointment went smoothly. Dr. Jones has warm, friendly eyes that made me feel as if she really cares about what’s best for you when she speaks to you. All I went in for was a cleaning and checkup, but I got a lot more. I found a regular dentist.

  • Cesar C.
    Cesar C.

    Great work, very comfortable.

  • Tucky D.
    Tucky D.

    I am a recent transplant to Houston and was recommended Marilyn’s practice by friends. I was worried there would be difficulty with my insurance and transferring my paperwork from my dentist back in MD, but receptionist was extremely helpful and took care of everything.

    The waiting room was nice and welcoming. Unlike most doctor or dentist appointments there was no waiting an hour after your original appointment time. The staff was prompt and courteous.

    After being lead into the exam room I was greeted by a technician/ hygienist (?) who cleaned my teeth and took the necessary x-rays. Marilyn came in after and was extremely nice and patient answering all my questions about a minimal oral surgery I would need to schedule for the future.

    Overall for a dentist appointment it was a very pleasant visit

  • N
    Nicki D.

    The staff was very sweet. The office is clean and my teeth look and feel great. I recommend coming here if you want a healthier and brighter smile.

  • W
    Wil V.

    I recently visited the office of Dr. Jones for a routine cleaning and left impressed by her professionalism. First, I regularly brush my teeth, yet my visit revealed that I needed to do more for my gum health. Dr. Jones discovered plaque buildup in the back of my mouth and emphasized the need for serious flossing! She cleaned me up and suggested that I use “Oral-B Pro-Health Floss.” This feels much better than regular floss and Dr. Jones gave me several free samples of it! Her staff was super-friendly with making appointments. Go make an appointment with her!

  • M
    Monica T.

    Well just like most people I hate the dentist and since I hadn’t been to one since I relocated from Houston I thought it was about time! I came to see Marilyn from a reference, and I am so glad I did!

    She did a great job at explaining everything she was going to do and made me feel very comfortable as a first time patient of hers. She was very professional and her staff was very friendly and helpful which is a plus in my book when it comes to medical care. I loved that the office was easy to find and not too far from me.

    Overall I would reccomend Marilyn Jones to my friends and family especially if they want to have an as little as pain free as possible dental visit along with a dentist that actually cares about her patients. I will be back for sure!

  • A
    Allan R.

    Before coming here I had a bad experience at the previous dental office I visited. Therefore I was scared and expected the worst.

    I came in for a regular check-up and cleaning. Everything went well, no cavities, doctor and dental assistants were also very nice and thorough with the process. They also took care of some fillings that needed to be done and now my teeth don’t hurt when I eat something sweet.

    Will definitely be coming back for regular check-ups and cleaning, and any other dental procedures. Highly recommended.

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